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  1. Interesting thinking around the site. I’m intrigued. One comment though:

    “These apply, in turn, to human law (whose content we can mutually support with non-Christians because of their deep-down reasonableness, as, for example, regarding the prohibition of incest) ”

    The deep down reasonableness of prohibiting incest doesn’t apply universally, does it? It certainly couldn’t have bothered the children of Adam and Even, nor Noah and his sons’ children.

    It is because of the revealed will of God through His Word that we know that incest is wrong…and that it is now wrong.

    Be careful allowing the sinful hearts of men be evidence for your philosophy. It may be right part of the time, but the heart is deceitful. There are plenty of people now who have no desire to prohibit incest – the reason is because they suppress the truth of God, not because it is now reasonable…

    Just some thoughts.

    • admin says:

      Thanks. Of course there are exceptions to any Romans 1:26-27, 2:14-15 witness. Indeed, the whole gay movement defies it. So yes, absolutely and foremost, we need special revelation. Aquinas/TinO shows two sides to God’s teaching. The Catholic problem is that they, in effect, put them on equal footing. This is one reason Francis Schaeffer hit them hard in his first film (before video) series. But the witness of creation, inside and outside the heart, is not nothing. General revelation is not a nullity. And I think the “incest taboo” is a reflection of that epistemological gift. Check out the wikipedia entry on “incest taboo” to see the different views of why there is such a thing in cultures not informed by Scripture. Of course, the wiki writers would need special revelation themselves to get to the heart of the matter, but they charge ahead without it.

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